I need a TE

I need a TE for week 9 when my Ertz is on bye.

Trade Breida for O.Howard?
Trade Breida for Burton?
Trade Breida for Olsen?
Drop Breida for Jared Cook?

Golladay is my other movable piece.

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Who are your other RB and WR?

RB: Mixon, Michel, Mack, Cohen, Chubb, Breida
WR: AB, Hopkins, Boyd, Landry, Golladay

I would just drop golladay for Cook. I see Cook getting more volume with Cooper gone

If I go after the Olsen owner I could maybe do something like:

Breida + Golladay for Diggs + Olsen/Graham

He’s been fed up with Diggs

If you can swing that deal then go for it. But I would take Graham more so the Greg O. Just dont trust him with him getting hurt all the time

Lmao just posted this as well, I think I’m going Watson or Vance in my league

Loool. Ertz on bye and so are my two starting RB in Mixon and Mack. Michel injured. I will pray lol thinking of signing barner or mostert for 1 week

Watson and McDonald are both available in my league as well