I need a win this week and anTB

I have Kittle and Engram, do I try to get Kerryon or Chubb? 1/2ppr. I need a win this week and an RB

Hold onto Kittle.
I don’t see him leaving the TE1 conversation anytime soon.

Might have some pedestrian weeks but his upside is there.

I’d love to but it’s either trafe kittle, Beckham or Melvin… I’m 2-5, ive got…
RB: Melvin, drake, Murray, Royce and Ito
WR: Beckham, Boyd, Kupp, Jordy, watkins
TE: Kittle, Engram

I’m all ears for other RB targets but right now I need some kinda strong RB 2 and the guy with Chubb and Kerryon wants Kittle