I need a WR help

My team:
QB: Mariota
RB: Hunt
RB: Fournette
WR: M. Thomas
WR: D. Baldwin
WR: G. Tate
TE: Reed
D: Broncos

BE: David Johnson ):
BR: Howard
BE: Pryor
BE: McCaffrey
BE: Thielen
BE: Martin
BE: Hogan

I would like to trade 2 players for 1 WR so I can add another QB or Defense or JJ Nelson but I don’t know who to go after. I am set on RB’s so I need a strong WR2 or even a WR1. what should I do? JJ Nelson, Hurns, Lee, J. Brown all available in my waiver

Check other rosters to see if they need an RB. I’d let McCaffrey go for an WR that started the season cold, but has tons of upside. Aim for a WR that was drafted in the late-2nd or early-3rd round. You’ve still got Muscle Hamster when he returns.

Other thoughts:
Drop Duke and pick up someone you like off waivers. Someone who is trending upward, or a handcuff to an injury prone RB.
Drop Howard. If Reed goes down, you can find value at TE.

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I cant drop howard he was my second pick ): I need a good game from him so I can trade him. Yea i need to find that WR, any suggestions that come to mind? Maclin? and i dont have duke johnson thats david johnson lol

Ah, shoot. Reading without coffee is hard. See if you can trade for Dez or AJ Green. Owners may be disappointed with their production thus far.

Corey Coleman is out for a bit. Try to pickup Rashard Higgins.

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Hahah i feel you. Yea ill send some trade out. thanks

any other input? bump