I need a WWMWD braclet..... WHAT WOULD MIKE WRIGHT DO?

I am in need of some advice on who to play. It is important that I win this week as it will most likely get me into the playoffs. I need 2 WR’s 2 RB’s and 2 Flex. Standard scoring league. My options are:

Adam Thielen WR
Sterling Shepard WR
Leveon Bell RB
Orleans Darkwa RB
Alshon Jeffery WR
Doug Martin RB
Demarco Murray RB
Larry Fitzgerald WR
Alfred Morris RB

I was thinking Thielen and Shepard as the WR’s, Bell and Darkwa for the RB’s, and Alshon Jeffery for one flex, the other I don’t know if it should be Martin, Murray, Fitz, or Morris. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? If you answer please give short reason on why you would choose it so I can see your point of view. Thank you for your time and your thoughts!