I NEED ADVICE for a big trade to offer or NOT

I have great RB depth I drafted for a standard league with Fornette, lynch, henry, crowell, bredia, peyton barber… I also was able to snag james conor off the waiver last Friday…

Now, my team is stacked with RBS and I wont be able to play them all every week. but
I feel with conor now I have a legit RB1 over fornette and am willing to trade the bell owner who current RB1 and RB2 are Alex Collins and G. Bernard… and he just lost walker for the season.

Do you think I target Bell since I have conor and trade him fornette straight up to give him a better RB 1 and 2 for now or do I just hold conor and keep rolling him out until bell is back???

Standard format 10 Team.

Thank you FOOTCLAN

I would either hold him and roll with it, or try to trade Connor for Bell straight up. He might be desperate at this point.

You also have to take into account, with Connor SHREDDING the Browns, the Steelers and Bell might be even further apart on reconciliation.

Try offering out Conner before getting crazy. If you have holes anywhere else you can use him to swing a trade.

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