I need advice guys...Can I really trade Julio?

I am struggling pulling the trigger on this trade. Thoughts guys? Full PPR
Ill be giving up
Julio Jones and Trey Burton
Rob Gronkowski and Jordon Howard

I think i feel good about this…I think…I need help guys.

Hmmm I’d rather have Julio in his deal.

Who are your other WRs?

0-4 Need Some help - Full PPR, super flex league

Landry, J Brown, A Cooper, J Nelson. My RBs are Kamara, McCaffery, A Jones, T Coleman, R Freeman

Team looks pretty solid. TEs are pretty bad this year and of that team is looking to get rid of Gronk they must be losing a bit. Keep them down there

If you take this trade you most likely should flip a RB, possibly howard, out for another wr since your deep at rb

Stick with JJ in a full PPR. His lack of TDs doesn’t hurt as much.

I wouldn’t do this trade. Realistically if you get Howard (who hasn’t been setting the world on fire) you def won’t play him over Kamara and CMC and possibly not even over Jones if he can finally take over that backfield.

Being a full PPR the lack of TD for Julio isn’t all that brutal. Sure it would help, but not as bad. Gronk sounds great and all to have but I would rather start JJ, Jarvis and Burton than Jarvis, Brown and Gronk personally.

Didnt even see you had Kamara, CMC and jones. Yeah I’m not starting howard over any of those RBs.