I need advice on two WR's and a Flex

I need advice on a start for two WR’s and a flex spot. Standard league. My options are Kupp, Chark, Keenan Allen, Hilton, Gallup, Gibson, Akers. Thanks for the help.*

Full ppr, 6 point QB,===Allen, Chark, and Hilton. Gallup has tougher D to go against on the road. Chark has Indy, but he’s at home.
As I always say, I’m no pro, so take this with a grain of salt. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I second Bructer… those were my choices even before reading his response.

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I think I would do Kupp over TY but I also love Kupp. Think it depends on your opponent. Kupp is the ceiling play for sure


I think I didn’t say that right, it’s non PPR and 4 pt QB. Does your answer change?

In a Standard league, I’d start Hilton and Kupp at WR and start Chark at Flex. Unfortunately, those WRs are much better PPR options, but I think they get enough deeper targets to get the yardage you’ll need to be relevant in Standard league

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Yes. My sentiments exactly