I need an opinion on something guys, am I low balling?

So a guy in my league has Tarik Cohen and marlon Mack as his RBs and Jordan Reed as his only tight end

I offered him Odell, Corey clement (or Jordan Howard) and George Kittle
Michael Thomas and Brees

He already has Patrick mahomes and asked me if I wanted Brees earlier this week.

He seemed so offended by my offer. He wanted O’Dell and one of my starting RBs (Melvin Gordon or Kareem Hunt) for Thomas and Brees. Like that’s an immediate no for me. Am I crazy?

Nah, this guy’s obviously unrealistic about trades. I think your offer was more than fair.

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That’s kinda how I feel, I sent this long text explaining how I value players and what I thought made it a fair deal, he never replied lol

I agree. Hes nuts

Yeah I think he’s asking too much in this case.

I think he just wants a stud at RB.

Do you have the depth to renegotiate a deal with Hunt involved where you still receive upgrades for yourself?

I mean my depth is Hunt, Gordon, Fournette and Howard with Ito smith, Corey clement and Royce Freeman on bench too, but no part of me wants to give up Hunt.

My wrs. Are Thielen, Odell and Devante Adams. I don’t need Thomas, it’s just a small upgrade to make the deal a bit better for me giving up my third And only potential start at RB

Yeah I get that.

Hopefully he gets back to you! But if he’s not willing to take the original deal or something close to that wanting two early round draft picks for functional roster pieces that he could use… I’d just burn the deal and move on.

It’d be a great upgrade for you – and add a lot of balance to him it sounds like.

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Yeah that’s basically what I was thinking and why I offered what I did lol

Oh well xD