I Need an RB - Trade Advice

The league is a dynasty and I am currently exploring a trade for a starting caliber RB. My team is as follows:
RBs - McKinnon, R. Jones, Foreman, Mack, J. Kelly, Perine, D. Martin, S. Ware
WRs - M. Thomas, OBJ, Diggs, J. Landry, Funchess, Gallup, R. Matthews

I am currently exploring a trade of J. Landry for Derrick Henry straight up. What do you think? The gentleman I am attempting to trade with badly wants Kelly, but I am reluctant to give him up for cheap.

Landry for Henry is a pretty fair trade, I would do that.

If he wants Kelly bad, don’t give him up for cheap, make him pay for him if he really wants him. Other than that, sit on him and see what happens.

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I like that Trade considering your remaining WR’S.
However, I am not sure how Henry fits your goal of obtaining a starting caliber RB. I would try and package Landry with someone else and get more guaranteed RB1.