I need flex help!

WR 1 is Julio. Other receivers are Tyreek, Sanders, Jarvis Landry, Maclin, Keenan Allen. Thoughts?

U can only play one more ?

Tyreek starts for me weekly until proven otherwise. He is a huge playmaker and they force feed him. Helps that he can outrun anyone on the field, no matter who they play

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I can play one more and one for flex

Then tyreek and keenan allen are no brainers for me

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Just curious- why allen over sanders?

Denver usually only feeds the ball to one wr most games most of the time that is D. Thomas. So I agree with Allen over Sanders

Maclin! Because… Cleveland Browns.

52% percents of the Broncos targets are split between Thomas and Sanders. Sanders is better against Blitz heavy teams the Dallas Cowboys only blitzed 14% of the time last game so I would say bench Sanders for the week.

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I have Jarvis in a league as well. He is sooooo tempting. I think sanders is a no go. Den is starting to spread the ball around TE’s, Jamal Charles ect. I really think it’s a toss up between Maclin and Parker

You mean Landry? and over Hill and Allen?

The Ravens will probably continue to limit Flacco’s throws because of his back injury and Parker will be going up against Casey Hayward who shadowed D Thomas on 73% of his routes and Jason Verrett who shadowed Sanders on 64% of his routes, and they held Thomas and Sanders to 5 catches and 65 yards.

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I don’t have Parker

Parker is a part of the equation, at least that’s what I think he is getting at. I think Philly is going to shut down hill and S.D showed on Monday that running the ball with Gordon is priority #1. Allen won’t see the targets maclin or Jarvis will. At least that’s my opinion

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My bad I meant to add Parker and Landry.