I Need Foot Clan Help....PRONTO!

I lost Watson and then dropped a big dud with McCoy and ASJ on Thursday, and now I need to claw my way back this week. Here’s my roster and bench in a full point PPR:
How would you arrange this roster for the biggest upside?

QB: Mariota
WR: M. Thomas
WR: Tate
RB: McCoy (played)
RB: Elliott
TE: ASJ (played)
Flex: Kamara

A. Peterson
A. Cooper
TY Hilton

If you really want upside, I think you need to start Cooper

WOW!!! I feel your pain in spades!!! I also have Shady and ASJ…what’s worse…I streamed Bills DST since my PIT DST is on BYE this week as well as Thielen and McKinnon. Then I lost Garcon. My only solace is that I picked up TyRod off WW since I don’t have much hope with Cousins this week. Got a big fat whopping 7 pts combined from Shady, ASJ and Bills DST. OUCH!!!

I know…but Cooper over who? Tate or Thomas?

So weird…I also streamed the Bills D and I have McKinnon too. I would have had Tyrod, as well, but because I had Watson, I dropped Taylor to waivers, but then couldn’t pick him back up off waivers until Saturday once I found out about Watson.

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LOL…it gets better…I also have Kamara.

I’d go Peterson over Kamara for upside.