I need help! ---full point ppr flex spot---

Cmon people help me out! Gotta win this week-in the flex spot do I start D Martin as Winston is gonna play or Mccaffrey and why? I’m leaning towards Martin to go with M Gordon and Shady-I also have Kamara and Mixon–Thank you!!

So sorry I’m not posting any help here, but I’m 2-4 in my 10-team PPR, and I have Shady and Kamara as well…sooooo…just kinda wanting to be in on any posts concerning either of them. Sorry for not offering any help and kinda trolling for my own benefit!!! Please forgive me. Just in a really bad place and desperate for any and all feedback with any of my team!!!

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Martin, because he’s the bell cow, and he’s looking good. McCaffrey isn’t. If it is a positive game script for Carolina, McCaffrey won’t be utilized very much.

Making you’re own post will help get more exposure to you’re question. Of course roll out with Shady here.

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Ok thanks! I see ya answer a lot on here thank ya! May be ya can help me out on this ?? I’m starting Brady-Tyreke Hill-(Garçon or K Allen???) going Graham over Reed–K M Bryant D Seattle but am up in the air with my RBS other than Shady—D Martin–M Gordon is banged up-Kamara-Mccaffrey and Mixon-your input appreciated!!

I agree completely @RyanDelaney , and as you’ve replied to MANY of my posts, I appreciate your feedback. I simply got in on this one since I know that many posters get tired of the “same” topic/players!!! But appreciate your feedback. Noticed that you and I seem to post on a lot of the same TOPICS!!! LOL…nice to see ya buddy!!!


Of course if Allen is a game time decision, I may go with Garcon instead just to be safe. What about the rest? Not sure what you’re asking sorry.

Cool man.No problem.

Who should I put in my flex spot-thinking of just going Shady Gordon and then D Martin in my flex spot-my opponent has Brees so thought maybe Kamara-Don’t think I’m gonna play Mccaffrey this week-Thoughts? Thanks…

Yeah, Kamara would be a great play in that situation. (Drink his milkshake:)

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