I need HELP guys

I’m looking for an article that I read earlier today, I want to say it was from fantasy pros about the top 10 trades for David Johnson. Somehow I cant find it anymore, if you know what I’m talking about can you please link it to me.

As a dj owner id like to read this also.

Would you trade dj for Hunt?

I probably would take that as a DJ owner to minimize risk. I have faith in dj but maybe not as a top 4 rb at this point. Was the article aimed at buying him low or selling him?

selling low and high, some were Melvin Gordon and a WR for DJ, Mixon for DJ. I want to use it as a tool when trying to trade him to a guy in my league that’s really RB heavy. I’m struggling with DJ and Howard as my 1 and 2

Do you think someone would give you Gordon for Dj one for one? Yet alone with a playable wr attached?

Was this it ?