I need help (keepers)

I hope the picture I uploaded works.

Need help for my keepers…Obviously going to keep Antonio Brown. Having trouble choosing between Zack Ertz (7th round), Leonard Fournette (2nd Round), and Mark Ingram (3rd).

I’m leaning more towards Ertz. Please help!

If you can only keep one of those, I would go with Ertz. Love having one of the top 3 TEs, and 7th round value is great since he goes in the 3rd or 4th round in most drafts.

What is your league scoring format?

Take Mark Ingram off your list. He is not worthy of keeper consideration. Zach Ertz provides good value as a 7th.

Another option would be going with Brown/Fournette. They are typically drafted between picks 5 through 12 of the first round and would be a good starting point in a standard league. If you get any points per reception I would be less interested in Fournette.

What round would the following players from the image you posted cost you:
Larry Fitzgerald
Alshon Jeffery
Trey Burton

my rule of thumb i tell everyone, there are very few situations where i would keep a TE or QB. they are replaceable, and usually easily. unless there is some kind of extreme value or talent gap. so instantly i take Ertz away. mark ingram is not worth a 3rd at this point IMO, so take him off as well. im leaning fournette. i dont know if you can keep anyone else from that list of players you posted, but i would consider fitz as well depending on the round. he would have to have a good value though for me to pull that trigger. honestly, i can see why you are struggling, cause there is no clear value or player you HAVE to have besides brown. so i say just make the best of it and keep your WR1 and RB1.

I don’t agree with that at all in regards to TEs, especially when talking about one of the elite 3. QB is very deep, I would not keep a QB unless it was something like Rodgers in the 10th. But with TE, there are the top 3 (Gronk, Kelce, Ertz), after that it is a garbage of fire of mediocrity and maybes. Having one of the big 3 puts you at a distinct advantage over your opponents at the position, and the 3-4 round discount is pretty substantial as Ertz’s ADP is late 3rd/early 4th.

While Ertz does have great value in the 7th, we should also consider what we may be giving up by selecting him over Fournette. Depending on draft position and players kept, Fournette may not be available in the 2nd round when it is her pick. Ertz, however would still be available, albeit a few rounds earlier than the 7th, but for roster construction I would much rather have a locked and loaded WR1/RB1 to build my team around.

I wouldn’t say it is a bad selection to keep Ertz in the 7th. The value is certainly there, but I worry about what will be available at the draft if I didn’t have Fournette.

there is a big difference from the top end TEs to low end. but that doesnt mean you cant replace it. i stream TEs just as much as i stream QBs. it works out just about the same. i always end up with top 5 TE producition by the end of the year, just like i do with QBs even though i stream all year long. besides, i dont really believe ertz to be a top 3 TE. talent, yes he has that talent. production for fantasy? questionable. they drafted dallas in the 2nd round, good chance they use him. he is steady in production, but had a bump to TDs out of nowhere, i would expect that to come back down to the norm. easily still top 10 TE, probably easily still top 5. but there are reasons to expect a reduction from last year. granted, im just nit picking because he 100% can be a top 3, hell even number 1 TE. but im not so sold that i HAVE to have him. im a kansas city fan, and i wouldnt even keep kelce for a 7th. although that would be super tempting.

Also, PPR or non-PPR? And how many teams?

Okay so my league is standard… The commissioner asked everyone if they want to change it half point ppr.

There are 10 teams

So it’s a 0, 1, or 2 keeper league

I still like the value of Ertz in the 7th, but it would also be understandable to keep Fournette seeing as how there may not be any comparable RBs in the 2nd round when your first pick comes around.

At the end of the day it’s impossible to make a mistake between Brown, Fournette, and Ertz. Brown and Fournette you’re keeping AT value…which is fine.
Personally, I would take Brown and Ertz and get that locked top 3 TE every-week 10pt kinda guy. And that opens it up to POSSIBLY drafting someone LIKE fournette in the 2nd. (Who knows, you might even be able to draft him there depending on your draft position)

This changes if you KNOW you’re picking early and Fournette will not come back around to you. Getting Fournette as your 2nd round pick, if you’re the 1st one drafting, is pretty sick value.

Okay so a bit of an update. Hopefully you guys can help. My league changed from standard to full point PPR. I am also drafting 9th out of 10. I will be keeping Antonio Brown. I was leaning to Fournette, to keep, but should I risk dropping him pick someone else up? OR keep Ertz?