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I need help on trading these guys!


Hey there footclan. I need a little help. What is the better return for trading away these two? I either have to trade them away or they go back into FA pool for nothing since they didn’t make my keeper list. Thanks in advance.

I give: Pick 1.09, Allen Robinson, Jamison Crowder
I get: Pick 1.02


I give: Pick 13.9, 14.4, Allen Robinson, Jamison Crowder
I get: Pick 5,02 and Pick 8.11

So pretty much, do I use these guys to move up 7 spots in the first round to get either Zeke or Bell (DJ is kept by another owner), or do I use them to get an additional 5th and 8th round pick? Appreciate the help!



Well I just got an update that said Zeke will have a short suspension which means i probably wouldn’t go him at 2 and would go Brown instead. So now is it worth trading up 7 spots to get Brown when I could probably get AJ Green at my current spot of 9?

For what it’s worth OBJ, Jordan Howard and Mike Gilislee are my other keepers. Thanks.


tough call, zeke is only going to get suspended a game or two max most likely so i think hes still worth it. I would trade up and take bell or zeke


I’d rather have AJ and the extra picks to build mid round depth on my roster, unless you think there is that much of a drop off this year from Antonio to AJ (which I don’t think there will be).


@Huskyswagger no my argument is more that theres a huge dropoff after zeke and grabbing a back like that is so valuable. I think you have a better chance grabbing WRs later and landing on one or two of them landing in a top16wr range


i wouldnt trade up for brown when i know i could have green, nelson, etc but zeke or bell yes i think its worth it