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I need help on who to target


So I lost David Johnson and other than him I had Jacquizz Rodgers, Doug Martin, and Tevin Coleman and Theo Riddick. Im very weak at RB now as you can see. Im pretty stacked at reciever with Martavis Bryant, Amari Cooper, Devante Parker, and Larry Fitz. I also have Aaron Rodgers at QB. I really need to make a trade for a RB I’m willing to part with a reciever and possibly AARON RODGERS for the right player problem is there is no shortage of startable wideouts and QB isnt valued as much in Fantasy. Who do I target, what do I do?!


If you’re in 12 team or less, I’d def deal Rodgers. As seen so far this season, you can stream better than most drafted qbs, but you can’t stream RBs. I’d try to deal Fitz and Rodgers maybe, for an RB2 with RB1 upside. or swap fitz for a better WR to upgrade the RB. Maybe go for Howard or Demarco if you still buy in to them.


I agree, definitely send some offers for Rodgers and a WR to try and get some of the underperforming RB’s like Leveon Bell or Demarco Murray. You may get someone to bite that is a big packer fan.


Update: just traded for Carr and Odell now trying to send Cooper and Carr for Ryan and Gordon. How about that trading!


There ya go, its so important to be flexible and not locked in on your players. The teams that win in fantasy are always looking to upgrade their roster and not be scared to make moves.