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I need help picking my keepers


10 team - 3 keeper max - PPR league 1 QB - 3 WR - 2RB - 1 TE - 1 RB / WR - 1 TE / WR

I’ve boiled down to:

Julio Jones in the 1st
Amari Cooper in the 2nd
T.Y. Hilton in the 2nd
Melvin Gordon in the 4th
Adrian Peterson in the 18th
Marcus Mariota in the 18th

What three would you keep?



I’d keep Mariota, Julio Jones and Melvin Gordon. That’s a great start at a balanced roster. You’ll still have the 2nd and 3rd rounds to get a second receiver and back.


I’d keep Julio, T.Y and Gordon. You only need 1 QB and could still get Mariota in round 10 or replacement value. I’d rather sure up a good RB and WR core. You may have weeks you need to start 5 WR. So just a bigger demand on that position. I like T.Y more than Cooper but would take either there. I’m assuming the options in the 2nd are going to be more of a typical 3rd or 4th round with the amount of people that can be kept. If you feel like you can get either of those RD 2 WR then I’d keep Peterson. Low investment for a guy that has a possibility of breaking into the top 10 (not a very big one).


I would keep Melvin Gordon, TY and AP. I don’t know what pick you will have in the draft, so I’ll make some assumptions…

No need to keep Julio, you could still land someone big in the first round. Judging by the fact that you went for Julio RD1 I guess you will have one of the first 4 picks, so you could still get someone comparable to Julio’s projections. Having said that, you would be having one of the last picks of the 2nd round so TY is a great fit for that spot.

Gordon’s ADP right now positions him in 1st or early 2nd, so that one is an obvious pick (plus, he will continue to be the featured back in LAC).

AP’s value in round 18th is the best in my opinion. Very little downside, and a loooot of upside. You get to keep your early round picks for some other RB like Crowell, Lynch, Fournette, and can still target Mark Ingram/Kamara if you feel like it.


Gordon, Mariota, and Cooper. Gives you a start at each position and you can take best available between RB and WR with your first pick.


I would go with Julio, TY, and Gordon. It is a solid 2 picks in the first round and you really can’t do better than that, and I think Gordon is going to be great with the new coach and at the 4th round is a solid bargain value.


Amazing feedback! I have the 6th pick.


Damn Everyone. There are definitely some interesting combinations of keepers proposed here. I’ve got till 1pm on 8/27 to decide.

Btw just want to give a tip of the cap to these responses and this community. The content in this exchange alone has more substance than the last decade worth of fantasy talk with co-workers and league mates.

Ironically all this sound advice has seemingly made the decision even harder. Am I the only one worried about Andrew luck? I love the guy but I fear a shot to his shoulder and ty is without his gun slinger.

Lastly I left out I’m the 6th pick this year and by my estimation 28 players will be off the board when draft day comes. Thanks again.


I agree with the Julio, Melvin, TY/Cooper (I prefer Cooper). Don’t take Marios there. In a 10 team league QBs are the easiest position to stream. Two top WRs and a #1 RB is a great start to your draft.


Hey @DRgood… With that being said, I believe you can still land Julio with the 6th given that all 5 picks before yours will probably be keepers.

Let us know when the full keepers list comes out so we can provide more feedback.



DO NOT KEEP MARIOTA! Keeping a QB is a huge waste.

I imagine it will be safe to assume that Brown, Zeke, Bell, DJ, and OBJ will be kept. However, it is unlikely that the first 5 pick all have keepers in the 1st. If you don’t keep Julio, you won’t get him, nor will you get anyone in his tier.

AP and Gordon are easy. I would take Julio because he is top tier and I have question marks about the other two.

TY = Usage now that Moncrief is a red zone target and Luck is still injured.
Cooper = The Raiders now have more red zone options, I don’t think Cooper will get many targets there.


I like Julio and Gordon. For your third I don’t mind AP that low, Mariota is also appealing.

In camps and pre-season keep an eye on the AP/Ingram workload. Mariota is reportedly at a fragile 215lbs. If he doesn’t put a few lbs on in the next few weeks he’s just asking to take a big hit.


I’d keep Julio unless you are giving up a shot at one of the top 3 RB, Melvin Gordon for sure, and Mariota in the 18th is a great value. I’ve always liked how my drafts turn out when there is no stress about when to pull the trigger on a QB. Especially if it’s a hometown league where QBs tend to get over drafted. Good Luck!!!