I need help pls!

I’m trying to get rid of Diggs I don’t wanna just drop him but I might do it for Golden Tate. If not, I wanna trade him away, who should I tag him with to send him away in a trade and still upgrade my team

My WRs are Hopkins Watkins Gordon MeCole McLaurin and my RBs are Chubb Carson Fournette and Sanders

Try and package Watkins diggs or mclaurin diggs for an rb to some who needs wr then pick up tate

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Would u go after Kerryon? I was thinking of giving up Sanders but if I give up Watkins I’d probably have to get more value @ptbomillsy619
Also I offered Carson and Watkins for D.J. still waiting on what the answer is but might get that done

Yah don’t for kerryon with those guys I do like the DJ offer

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@ptbomillsy619 I was able to get that trade through, but the commissioner thinks it’s a bit unfair I traded with the new guy in our league like that I took advantage lol

Depending on team needs it’s a good trade both ways imo

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That’s a bit of an overreaction imo. Nothing gets under my skin more in fantasy than people who want to veto (not sure if this is the case here) trades because they don’t think it’s fair or “someone’s team is really good now.”
To be honest it’s really not a lopsided trade. Watkins is involved in the most high powered offense in the league & Carson is a starting RB who gets volume. It’s not like DJ has been some world-beater so far this year. I would still take the DJ side in that trade though lol

But to comment on your original post, I think dropping Diggs for Tate would be a bad decision.


@steve_freitas you think Tate might not play well or what is the reason for not taking Tate over Diggs? I already did it but would like to know the reason

@steve_freitas someone dropped Alshon I’m gonna try getting him for Tate but I’m at the bottom of waivers atm

Tate should be fine. I just think Diggs is the better player, in the better offense. He was a WR1 last season & a WR2 the year before while missing 2 games. Check out his consistency charts, he has a few real low games but also has a fair amount of huge games that can win you a week.

I think Tate could get you a handful of points every week & maybe double digits if he has a TD. But I just think Diggs is the much better player & I’m not really concerned about him season long outside of health.

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@steve_freitas I was at the bottom of the waiver order and was able to pick up Alshon Jefferey after he was dropped on waiver day
WRs now are Hopkins Gordon Alshon MeCole and McLaurin
RBs are Chubb David Johnson Fournette Hunt and McCoy

i would actually wait a week. I think he has a good game this week. not great but good like 60 and a touch.