I need help real bad with a trade

I got offered
S.Barkley, D.Singletary,M.Williams,Bills D
J.Mixon, L.Bell, C. Kupp , Titans

This is a keeper league My team currently is


Dalvin Cook


TJ Hockenson

I’d take it. Saquon is the best player of the bunch and Singletary has huge potential, especially when Gore gets hurt. I mean he has to get hurt at some point, he’s like 70.

I would hold. Cook is prolly the 2nd best RB atm and Bell is 5th or 6th, not worth wrecking the stability of your WR corps to get another two RBs when you can only start 3 (assuming you’re a standard one Flex league). I’d entertain either Barkley plus solid WR2 over Singletary or Singletary plus a top WR

I wouldn’t do this. In a keeper I’d take Mixon over Singletary. Ds don’t matter. So the real question is would you trade Bell and Kupp for Barley? I say no. Kupp is a top 5 WR for the foreseeable future and with Darnold back Bell should see a big uptick in production. The more I write about this the more crazy it would be for you to accept it IMO.

It’s pretty close, especially if this is full PPR. I like getting Barkley and those Bills with the upcoming schedule, but it puts you razor thin at every position and downgrades your WR position more than what I think you’re getting at RB.