I need help with a draft strategy

As you can see in the photo QB’s go way to early in this league, so if i try and wait the teams in the league draft a second QB’s which leaves me with horrible options . I was the 9th pick in the draft, so yes I know I had a rough draft. Should I change my strategy and draft a QB earlier or get one of the studs in the second? Also if you notice my league likes to draft backup TE’s, I’m lucky and got Engram in a draft and plan on making him my keeper in the 13th. Please help!!

I never use an early pick on a QB. Last year I got Cousins late. This year I plan on getting Ryan late. He should bounce back. Only way I would do it if Rogers dropped to me for whatever reason.

It’s just so hard to judge with this group, as you can see they grab QB’s at random times. I do like the idea of Ryan this year, how soon do you think I should take him?

You have to be willing to change your draft process mid draft sometimes too depending on your league mates… so, while I as well prefer to wait on QB’s, if the rest of your league values them highly and many of the good ones are gone early, it really depends on who you think will be left and how late you can wait until pulling the trigger. I would wait until Ryan, Rivers, Big Ben, and Stafford are left. If you dont think any of them will make it back to you in a draft, pull the trigger. otherwise wait as long as you possibly can! Good luck!


Yeah, I would wait it out. Even Tyrod, he actually puts up ok numbers for a serious bargain. He likely won’t start the whole season so eyeball another streamer, maybe Luck. Little more work week to week but man, use those early picks on solid cog wheels. I don’t consider any QB’s that strong except one.

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The last two leagues I played in drafted QBs really early too. I was happy to be the last to draft a QB, but in both cases people were drafting their 2nd or 3rd QBs before I got my first. Last year I ended up with Carson Palmer to start the year, but it all worked out in the end and the depth I got at WR and RB paid off. This year I want to draft a QB a little earlier and then maybe pick up a 2nd QB in a late round if I don’t see good value at other positions. Otherwise I don’t mind streaming QBs if I have to.

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This is a 12 Team league. Apparently, a number of teams are taking a QB early and then a 2nd QB. There are only 32 teams. What often happens is that when inexperienced drafters see QBs drafted early, they panic and hop on the QB bandwagon. As many as 20 QBs could be gone by late rounds and you’re left with the dregs.

Streaming can be a problem if you have FAAB, especially if no free agents are allowed (as I had last year).

In this situation, IMO, pick a QB no later than the 5th round after getting your best 2 RBs and 2 WRs.

I would still wait. On that picture Rivers, Goff, Stafford, Dalton, Palmer, Taylor, and Watson all went late and I would be okay with two of those and just streaming back and forth. Watson turned into a stud, and normally Rivers, Stafford, and Taylor are serviceable fantasy QBs. My best drafts have always been QB late, and usually when I take a QB who had a down previous year, I like the cheap QB with bounce back potential. Matt Ryan could be cheap AF and have a great year.

Agree with the late QB philosophy. Let all the other teams draft extra QBs and TEs that sit on their bench. Get as many RBs and WRs as possible and stream QB & TE. Possibly trade for QB or TE later with a mid level WR or RB.

In addition Ryan, don’t overlook Carr and Dalton (everyone else will). They won’t kill you, they prob won’t finish any worse than 18-20, and you’ll get them dirt cheap.

I agree with cac8p. I almost always have one QB, and go for a long shot WR and RB. Give me the backup or WR2 on a team that’s RB1/WR1 have an injury history. I’m not hoping for injury but I can still plan for it. One of my mid-season moments is when a person’s starter goes down, and I already have the backup; I give them so much shit for not planning.

The thing is, is that it’s so hard to streamer QB’s when everyone has 2 of them. The free agency pool is empty.

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You are so right. You would think that streaming in an 8-team league would be doable, but last year after Palmer went down my options were slim. The 7 other teams had 14 QBs on their rosters. Finally someone dropped Cousins so I picked him up and then traded for Wilson and that got me on a roll. This year I don’t want the drama and plan to draft a QB by about the 5th round.

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That was my point above. Taking QBs late is fine if the other teams are only picking up 1 QB earlier on, but when they start picking up a 2nd one before the late rounds, one has to change strategy. If you pick one up in the 5th or 6th round, you’ll get a fine QB along with at least 2 good rbs and wrs you already have. There will still be plenty of good rbs and wrs left.

Actually, I have to correct myself. The other 7 teams had 17 QBs. Three teams actually rostered 3 QBs each and the other 4 had 2 each. In a shallow league like that it just doesn’t make sense, especially since we start 3 WRs so you have to keep depth at that position. In the end I did well and lost in the championship, but I hope to avoid that lack of consistency at QB by drafting a round or two earlier this year.

People in my league didn’t drop any of the QB’s they drafted. Here’s the list of the remaining QB’s that were at least staters last year.

Groppolo- he had his late start
E. Manning
B. Hundley
L. Jones
T. Yates
D. Kizer
M. Trubisky

It really but me in a pickle. I feel like i need to draft a QB around the 6th round.

Three years ago I was in a 16-team league and drafted 1st so I had that LOOONNNGGG lag between my double picks. When it came back around to me for my 4th and 5th picks, several QBs had been taken, but I felt like there were good options left. When it came back for my 6th and 7 picks, everyone had a QB so I didn’t take one thinking I still had a chance at a decent starter, but then everyone started taking their 2nd QB and I was left with what looked like trash. In the end I limped by at QB until people dropped some for bye weeks and my added depth helped me overcome the loss of my 1.1 pick for almost the entire season and I made it to the championship. There’s definitely an upside to waiting on a QB, but only if you can make good value picks while waiting and then if what you’re left with doesn’t work out you might be able to work a trade for an upgrade once other teams’ thin rosters start to get holes due to injury.

My home league has several teams who like to take QBs earlier than I like to personally, but that works to our advantage!! Last season I drafted Carson Wentz in the 13th round…worked out pretty well. Sure he got injured, but the Cam Newton owner dropped him for Watson when Cam struggled early so I stashed him just in case. There will be some nice options late in your draft. Some safe like Alex Smith and others not as safe that have higher upsides. Patience. P.S. I hoisted that trophy last season!!