I need help with decision. Mixon or Diggs ppr auction keeper

I need advice fellow foot clan. My friends started a ppr auction keeper league last year. We are each keeping 2 players $200 budget. This year we have a 10 man league. I have Odell at $44 and I am torn between keeping diggs at $10 or Mixon at $18. Keep in mind this is ppr and RBs Hunt Kamara Gurley Fournette and McKinnon will be unavailable. So public opinion Diggs or Mixon?

Joe Mixon has been trending upwards for me lately. Cinci started last year with J Hill, Mixon didnt really get into it till like week 6. They added two solid offensive lineman, kinda like what the Rams did last season. They are planning on featuring him this season, and Diggs has tendency to miss games, leaning JOE’s way.

I love me some Diggs, but I’d keep Mixon.

The Bengals are the consensus bounce-back team next season since so much didn’t go their way. By adding extra linemen in the draft and in free agency, they are poised to go back to their 8-8 ways. But this also means that they will likely have more trips to the RZ where Mixon has been used as their go-to back.