I need help with my WR option

I’m in a must win situation to make the playoffs. I have Kupp that I will start, but who should be my 2nd?

A. Cooper (likely out)
S. Shepherd
M. Goodwin
C. Davis
D. Westbrook

C. Coleman
P. Richardson
available on wire too

This is a tough one. Gamble on Shepard if he plays. Just worry about the QB change. You can also drop Westbrook or Davis for Coleman and play him.

You’ve listed a number of receivers that can easily put up 60+ TD or 40 with no TD’s.
Hilton = ultimate boom or bust WR this season, huge gamble
Shepherd = I could not fathom starting a NYG receiver considering Geno Smith is QB.
Goodwin = if Garappolo plays like he did in those 2(?) plays last week then Goodwin is good to go.
C. Davis = I have Davis and he burned me last week. Mariotta is not playing well right now and I would certainly avoid Davis especially if Rishard Matthews comes back this week.
D. Westbrook = Totally unproven wide receiver and add in Bortles as QB and I’d pass hard.
Patterson = I’d lean Patterson over Roberts considering what he saw last week after the injury to Cooper.
Coleman = this is probably the guy I go to for this week. Kizer must thrown every game A LOT just to have a chance at keeping it close and Coleman has seen those targets the last couple weeks coming back from injury.
P. Richardson = Wilson loves Graham and Baldwin too much to have to count on Richardson.

Thanks y’all. I think I may grab Coleman. I do worry about Gordon returning but I’m hoping he’s more of a non-factor.

I would agree with picking up coleman, he seems to get consistent targets. Also with Gordon he’s just coming back from a long hiatus so it might take him a while to get re-integrated into the system. For this week I would say coleman is the safest play