I need help with some WR

Amari against a tough Washington secondary and Dalton throwing. Or, Tee Higgins against an ok Cleveland secondary?

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My first inclination was Amari for the floor cause Dalton will just force feed him the ball at some point if he needs to, but they might just be able to run Zeke and it not matter. Cleveland is more beatable at WR so I think Higgins has the higher upside. Probably depends on your opponent if you need higher ceiling Iā€™d go with Higgins and hold my breath.

You need to play Amari - you drafted him that high and Dalton is only one game in.

Higgins is good but no guarantee on volume as its has rotated around and this is a good match up for Boyd

I really like Higgins now but I think it still has to be Amari. Dalton will get better, slightly.