I need help with this trade offer!

I was offered Matt Ryan Connor and Brandon Cooks for Hopkins and Chubb

I’m gonna decline it because I think I’d be losing too much but he has Lamar Jackson

Should I counter his offer and give him Watkins and Fournette/Carson for Jackson and Connor?

Or should I stay away from that trade

I’d keep what you have for rn

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I’m stuck streaming Stafford rn do you have any QBs in mind I could try buying low for? I was thinking maybe Rodgers/Rivers/Murray/Goff

Those are all good options. The only thing with Rodgers tho is just his name value makes it hard to trade for him. He could be trash for multiple weeks in a row and still cost an arm and a leg to trade for him only because it’s Aaron Rodgers.

I like Goff and Murray. Goff has solid WRs to throw to. Murray throws the ball a TON and when he doesn’t, he’s normally the one running. I would say Goff and Murray are my favorite buy-low candidates.

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Yea that’s what I was thinking, do you think Goff and David Johnson for Carson and Diggs would be a good trade or go for possibly getting Murray on his own for maybe Diggs?

I think Diggs for Murray would be a good fair trade

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I’ll try offering them that let’s hope it goes thru

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