I need keep/trade/cut advice in Dynasty

Hey footclan, I’m in my first dynasty league this year and I’m having trouble evaluating the value of some long term plays. I have a lot of guys that could be good, but I’m not sure if they’re worth keeping on my bench. I have tried to trade some of these guys but it doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in potential. I’m going to list the guys that I am unsure about and which action I’m leaning towards for each. I’d love for some other’s opinions on this who have played dynasty.


* Fairly Confident
** Not sure if I can trust my own opinion
*** I have no idea if this is right or if I’m an idiot.



  • Randall Cobb **
    • I traded for ARodgers after his injury so I’m leaning towards keeping him, but he’s not exactly an all-star even when Aaron is throwing it.
  • Terrelle Pryor Sr. *
    • He’s probably worth the keep. The talent is there and no one wants him.
  • Jordan Matthews **
    • Picked him up off the waiver but I’m not really sure what to do with him after the Benjamin trade.


  • Ty Montgomery **

    • I have no idea. I tried trading to Aaron Jones owner but he’s not hyped on Ty
  • Tyler Eifert **

    • He’s a free agent next year, but there aren’t many other TE’s around. He’s also always hurt. I’m tempted to drop him, but I’d like to trade him.
  • Alex Collins **


  • Samaje Perine ***

    • I have no idea what to do with Perine. I want to cut him but I’m not sure if I’m an idiot or not. I tried trading as a handcuff to the guy with Fat Rob, but he doesn’t seem interested.
  • Patrick Mahomes ***

    • I drafted Mr. Mahomes really late and I’m just not sure that the hype is worth his roster spot.

I could really use some advice from some experienced dynasty players

Need more info… league size? PPR? what’s your roster size, and full roster for that matter?

Of course! My apologies. I listed all the relevant info below… let me know if you need anything else. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

League Details

  • 10 owners
  • 0.5 PPR
  • 4 PT TD for QB

Roster Details

  • Roster Size: 28
    • Starters: 12
    • Bench: 16
    • IR: 2

Position Starters Maximum
QB 1 4
RB 2 10
WR 3 10
TE 1 3
Flex 1 N/A
DT 1 4
DE 1 4
LB 1 4
K 1 3

My Roster

Well since you have a pretty massive roster size, i don’t see the value in rushing to cut players that may not be performing well this year. Unless you are having trouble filling the starting roster with players.

Mahomes may be cutable/tradeable simply because you look pretty set for the forseeable future with what you currently have on the roster.

I wouldn’t rush to try and cut or trade anyone unless you get get good value for them for them in a trade with players or future draft picks. Personally, I just dropped Eifert in a dynasty league, but I have Ertz and think that Eifert really doesn’t play much more in his career.

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You have a solid roster. Just hold out and do not cut. Once Winston is healed I would trade him.

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Thank you guys so much. That’s really helpful! It’s difficult adjusting my value assessment for dynasty so it really helps hearing your opinions.

I have one more question. I was offered a trade this morning and I would love to know what my footclan experts think given my team.

Receive: Cameron Brate
Trade: Ty Montgomery

I usually hate trading up for a TE, but I am hurting at TE and Montgomery’s future is so confusing in dynasty.