I need keeper advice

I can keep Lev Bell for a first or through a strange loophole I can keep Devonta Freeman as an 11th. Is it silly to keep Bell with that kind of value on the table?

Keep Bell.

That’s where I was leaning, but the value on Freeman is crazy.

Do you know what pick you have? If you have the 1.01 then Freeman easy. After that, it’s kinda tough. You dont get any value on bell, but its leveon bell. And Freeman you you get a fringe RB1 guy for insane value. I want to say Freeman so bad, but I just cant. Its bell even with that value on the table.

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Not sure which pick or if another tier 1 rb will be available after keepers are selected

Yeah, if you do not know what pick you will get it is better to keep Bell IMHO. As @BusterD notes, if you knew you picked 1.01 then keep Freeman and just re-take Bell (obviously).

Can you trade in your league? Could trade either for some value I’d imagine

Do not get me wrong but I would look at the value and take Freeman under a few conditions. The top reason is if you look at scenarios which team will be better. You could keep Freeman and risk it to get back Bell. If you do not get Bell, there is still a chance for a tier 1 RB coming your way. The other option is to keep Bell and then grab (assuming it is a 12 man league) Isaiah Crowell, Nick Chubb, Jamaal Williams, James White, somewhere around that area. Looking at that I would take Freeman and risk getting a top pick. The one question I have is do you at least have a good idea of who will be kept?

Not sure who I could get to improve over Bell

Freeman in the 11th for me all day and Bell is my favorite player and 1.01 by far. Depending on what pick you get, could get another RB1 or WR1 like OBJ/Hopkins.

The value for getting an RB1 in the 11th is not replaceable. Obviously you won’t get anyone else who improves over Bell, but you should get another decent player.