I Need RB and WR lineup advice

Trying to get a bye week in the playoffs and would like some added input on my lineup.

I have Conner, D Johnson, Chubb and Ware available at RB. Need to pick 3 for my lineup. All seem relatively closely ranked.

I need to pick 2 wrs as well (already played M Thomas Thursday for less than I was hoping). I have Diggs, Fitzgerald, Sutton and Reynolds as my options. Pretty sold on Diggs but am having trouble with the last WR flex play.

Let me know what you would do.

I appreciate the feedback as always.

Rbs- DJ, connor, ware … I dont like chubb matchup

Two wrs I’d go Diggs first then reynolds

Good point about Chubb.

Keeping the thread alive…what do you think