I need reciever help, should I trade?

Should I trade LeVeon Bell for Mixon and Davante Adams?
My recievers are cooper and aghalor

Who are your other rbs? Mixon has extremely high potential but he’s no sure thing. Bell isn’t either he always comes with questions but you know what you’re getting with bell. I find it a lot easier to find emerging wrs opposed to rbs so if making this trade will make mixon your rb1 making you now thin at rb and strong at wr I don’t think it’s worth it. Who are your other wrs? Agalor could very well have a great season I’m high on him idk about as my starter but he’s like a 9th rounder right now you only took two wrs in the first 9 rounds?

I’ve got hunt and Christian mac
Amari cooper

If you have hunt and cmc then you can make the deal with confidence. Mixon hunt and cmc is a real good core and you’d be getting a top ten wr in return for bell. I’d say value wise you’d win the deal

See, I’m essentially battling a similar question now in my mind of potentially trading my #4 overall pick for someone’s 2,4,10 round picks. Seems very similar to this, as I’d probably be able to nab these exact two guys plus a 10th for Zeke or DJ. I’m thinking about it, but I know that “saddling a stud” is super important. On paper, this seems like a great deal for you and you have depth still, so it’s not a compromise at all and spreads the talent/production from one (high-risk) player across several. Maybe didn’t help but I am definitely not against it, for what it’s worth!

Here is mine: 10-team draft pick trade - #4 overall

There is zero % chance I am trading Bell for Mixon and Adams (assuming this is a redraft league). I would def be willing to take the trade in Dynasty.

There is a high degree of risk to Mixon this year. I love the talent, love the player but I’m not expecting this breakout year from him yet. It may happen, but super high risk. Bell is a locked and loaded top 4, and honestly IMO the top RB. If it’s his last year in Pitt, which it probably is, him seeing 450 touches is a very realistic outcome. Also finally with Haley out of town and his horrible red zone play calls, I see bell going for pretty big TD improvements. Dude was 6/6 last year on goal line rushes. Yet, he only got 6 goal line rushes which is absurd.

You’re basically trading 1.01 or maybe 1.02 for a mid 2nd and a 3rd.

I’d pass on that btw.

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Thanks @MikeMeUpp. I appreciate your feedback!

What do you think would be a fair counter? Or is there pretty much no scenario where you would consider trading the top-4 pick?

It depends who you are trading with. Like what position is the other guy trading you in. I find that it is very hard to complete trades with those in middle section cause it’s very hard to construct a fair trade. It’s either too lobsided for you or too lobsided for them. But if you’re trading with a late position, I need their 1st and 2nd. I try to retain all my picks within the first 3 rounds cause talent dropoff after that is pretty big. You’re talking like Diggs, Baldwin, Thielen down to like Juju, cooks, DT, Collins, Drake.

In a redraft, there is no scenario where I would give up the 1.01-1.04 without at least getting their 1st and 2nd back. If you think about last year, people were frequently offering 1st and 2nd round for the 1.01 or 1.02 (Bell + DJ). This year really shouldn’t be different except there’s 4 viable options. But some people are just too tight and aren’t willing to do that so I would also be open to considering a scenario where you swap you’re 1st and 2nd round picks. This is because I think there is a huge cliff in talent when you fall out of the top 16-18 players and that trade would allow to at least acquire 2x top players in that range. Whether you want 2 workhorse RBs (would target Gordon + Hunt/Cook/CMC) or 2 Stud WRs (my preference) And then you acquire additional picks in rounds 7-9 which is where I think a lot of value can be found. Rounds 4-6 I find to be incredibly weak so I am always willing to swap out of there to acquire talent in rounds 1-3 or depth in rounds 7-9.

Personally, I am very comfortable and actually prefer running Zero RB strategy which is why I actually like swapping 1st and 2nd (as long as I get compensated) because then you still have your early 3rd round pick which allows you to get 1 of (Gronk/Diggs/Hilton).

I outlined my zero RB approach here:

I did this exact trade in my home league this year, swapped 1st and 2nd with the 1.10. Then I swapped 4th round picks (moved up 6 spots), swapped 6th (moved up 6 spots) and then i traded my 9th for his 8th. You can probably get more than this, my league is super competitive so it’s hard to get favorable trades. But you could probably just get him to give you picks in 7th/8th without swapping. My first 4 picks in that league went:

OBJ, Hopkins, Gronk, Cooper.

IMO a lethal open. Then I stacked up on RBs in the mid to late rounds.