I need serious help

I am being offered Gurley he wants theilan and Kamara. I have Keenan allen marvin jones jr., and.calvin Ridley what do y’all think. Plus he has Diggs

While it’s hard to say no to a Gurley offer, you’d be giving up too much. Stand firm. Your team is good. Kamara isn’t far off from Gurley, and some weeks is even better.

Definitely counter for a low-end WR1/ high WR2. You’re giving up way too much as it currently stands.

Don’t take that one

Come back with Kamara and Keenan. If he doesn’t accept, walk away.

Its hard to say no to Gurley but I wouldnt take this. You would hurt your starting lineup far more than helping it by giving up Thielen. Your team is solid, keep it solid my dude