I need so much help

Lineup: Standard scoring.

QB: Fitzmagic, Wilson
WR1: Evans
WR2: Lockett, Baldwin, Sutton?
RB1: Gordon
RB2: Jones
FLEX: Lockett, Baldwin, Sutton, Richard?

Bye: Mack, Hilton, Fournette, Hyde

Need a win this week so I’m going high risk, high reward.

  1. Which QB is more likely to hit the long TD receptions to Evans or Seattle’s receivers?

  2. Need WR2 and FLEX

Sutton vs. HOU (I see Denver playing catchup for most of this game.)

Baldwin and Lockett vs. LAC (Low target counts are concerning but at least Lockett has been good for a TD most weeks.)

Richard @ SF (Carr is the check down king and that’s where Richard excels. Game script is a toss up in this one.)

This one is kind of a lot… any help is appreciated!

Fitzmagic all the way.
Sutton for wr- volume and Emmanuel will get lots of coverae
Flex Richard. Baldwin is a dudd. lockett is td dependant

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This is where my head was too. That Seattle passing attack is nearly non existent.

I agree with matty Fitzmagic, Sutton, richard


I just edited mine to include explanations as well

I am hoping for a huge game from denver. i have lindsay and sutton in this week.

Thanks. I keep having to remind myself that Wilson isn’t dual threat anymore.

You and me both! As a Vikings fan, I always liked Case. Here’s hoping he can pull off some more magic.