I need some advice on my Team!

I’m currently 1-3 in a half PPR 12 team league. I was a Barkley owner and I’m trying to bounce back.
My team:

QB: Minshew, Brees

RB: Taylor, Mostert, Gibson, White, Edmonds

WR: Golladay, ARob, Woods, Jeffery

TE: Fant, Engram

I think the return of Mostert will help me bounce back but I’m not sure if that’s enough. Who could I target to improve my team?

If I were you I would be looking for a better high end WR. I think you could package 2 of your rbs while trying to keep Taylor and Gibson.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think you should buy low on two players that I have on my roster and am sitting on for now: Kenyan Drake and DJ Moore.

I have no faith in them CURRENTLY, but there’s no denying that they have the upside to save your team and you could get both of them for about as cheap as possible. I bet you could trade ARob or Woods for both of them if the other owner happened to roster both lol.

I would try to trade for Moore first. He has the most air yards per target on the Panthers offense; 10 more air yards per target than Robby Anderson. I still believe the points are coming with him.

If you can get Drake for really cheap, do it. Just look at his owner’s team and see where he’s weak.

Also, consider a new QB. I would probably take Ryan Fitzpatrick over Brees. Minshew might be okay now that he has Chark back, but Fitzpatrick is still producing even while throwing picks. He’s a good backup plan.

The Drake owner is weak at RB and strong at WR so I’m not sure how to make that trade.
Their Team:
RB: Drake, L Murray, Swift, Kerryon, Justin Jackson
WR: Hopkins , Cooper, Anderson, Crowder, Brown

As for the DJ Moore owner, he’s 4-0 with Zeke, Singletary, Russ, Lockett, Boyd, Kittle. Would you rather have Moore over Woods?

I streamed Fitz this past week but I dropped him for engram. Should I drop Brees and pick him back up?

Well I have Moore and Woods haha. But I also have Kupp, so if I didn’t have Moore, I would definitely consider trading Woods for him. But I don’t know, in your case, I’d be more to do a package deal with a couple lesser players. Unfortunately for you, the Moore owner is in the same position I am: 4-0, which means he can afford to sit on him and wait. But I’d still try if I were you.

And I wouldn’t play Fitz over Brees this week, but I’d keep an eye on him. Brees is not looking good but he will be getting MT back soon. Maybe this week.

Ill see if I can get something done. Also I might have a trade offer regarding Derrick Henry. Should I trade Taylor, ARob and White for Henry and Gallup? I know Henry is a risk with the Covid situation but it may be a time to buy

I wouldn’t. I think Taylor can be as good as Henry anyway. And I don’t even like Gallup this year. He’s been usurped by Lamb.