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I need some advice


Hey all! I am currently 1-1 as my two of my starters were injured in Week 2. I am facing someone who is undefeated and his team looks like it is making it to the playoffs already as we speak. I need some advice on what I should do to move forward. Here is my lineup:


  • Dak Prescott


  • DeMarco Murray
  • Christian mcCaffrey
  • Javorius Allen
  • Doug Martin
  • Tarik Cohen
  • Alvin Kamara


  • Mike Evans
  • DeVante Parker
  • J.J. Nelson
  • T. Pryor
  • Marvin Jones


  • Jimmy Graham
  • Eric Ebron


  • Panthers

So I have a couple of questions. My team is pretty decent as I have followed the Fantasy Footballers advice and picked up some sneaky starts, but some of my higher draft picks are underperforming.

  1. Should I drop Dak Prescott to pick up: Alex Smith, Trevor Siemian, or Carson Wentz? Dak is an excellent QB but his strength of schedule is among the hardest for QB’s.

  2. I picked up Eric Ebron this week, but is Jimmy Graham droppable? He underperformed his first game and is now banged up. He is looking old, but his name has so much value. On the waivers there is Evan Engram and Zach Miller

  3. One of my biggest questions is regarding defense this week. Panthers defense looks like it could be one of the best in the leagues, but the Saints offense is high powered. Should I pick up the Rams def this week? If so, who would you drop?

This is long so I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Edit: this is half point ppr and standard on all other scoring.


Alright 1. If you don’t have a back up qb get one. I like wentz a lot rn. But keep Dak. He has a good run game and can get the ball moving. So just bench him on a tough matchup. Like play him against GreenBay. Last week was more on dez’s fault than daks.
2.if you can get a trade for Graham do it. You probably had to draft high for him so don’t just let him go. He may be a killer yet. But wait to hear more about injuries. Engram looks good but see how good with a healthy Odell back first. Since he saw more action in better coverage with Odell out. Wait until Odell is fully active then look into him.
3. Finally I dropped the Panthers defense this morning. Despite being a great defense and they are now facing a tough offensive schedule. Saints, NE, Detroit, and Philly. Then the bears. If you want to waste a roster spot for 4 weeks then keep them. But the rams play the 49ers rhis week and that’s appealing. Stream a defense weekly until the Chicago game If you want. But I’d advise against it


I would be adding Wentz for sure. I would drop JImmy Graham personally and I would be picking up the Rams defense to start over Carolina this week for more upside and lower chance of an offensive breakout.


I really appreciate your advice. I was actually thinking along the same lines. Best of luck!