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I need some encouragement


Here’s the team I drafted:

QB: Big Ben, Luck
RBs: Fournette, Mixon, Burkhead, Lamar Miller, Jamaal Williams, Peyton Barber
WRs: AB, Fitz, Chris Hogan, Brandin Cooks, Kenny Stills
TE: Graham (actually drafted Burton, but accepted a trade with the Graham owner)
D/ST: Lions this week (streaming best available until I find a keeper)
K: Dan Carlson

Yahoo! has basically mocked my draft and picked me to finish 1-13, dead last. The only encouragement I find is that last year the guy who was picked dead last won the championship and was in first place wire to wire. But I don’t see why they have picked me to finish last.


As great as your team might be on paper, it’s all about your teams matchups vs. your opponents matchups week to week, with an emphasis on “on paper”.

Two years ago I was slated to win 3 weeks and I ended up winning 10. Last year I was slated to win 11 and only ended up winning 7. Projections are trash, things change week to week, don’t worry about it at all.


why need encouragement when you have Antonio Brown!?!


Well, it’s only an 8-team league so everyone’s team looks decent. I know I blew a couple of picks in my draft and reached for some guys earlier than I should have. I guess I look at my team as a collection of guys I expect to outperform their ADP. Except for the early round guys, I want guys who I think can really shine and take people by surprise.

I will say that right now I have the highest point projection of the week for whatever that’s worth.


yahoo draft grades aren’t worth anything. Yahoo has easily the worst crop of fantasy analysts around, their entire platform is a joke.

Having said that, this roster is a bit too weak for an 8 person league. Your RBs are okay but not great. Given your RB’s aren’t fantastic, I would’ve expected to see a lethal WR core, wihch again is not the case. Would also prefer Burton to Graham (even though Graham is getting drafted earlier).

Overall, okay team, but not great.


trading burton will prove to be a mistake.


the reviews are terrible but I do sort of like the humor in them


You have a solid team. Dont worry about the grades. I done 15+ drafts and all I get are C grades.


My draft went really badly. All my mock drafts had only the default view. Then in the draft it showed me MY rankings and I kept panicking on “my guys” as it appeared they were at the top of the queue. Several rounds in I figured it all out, but really lost out on value.

Still, I wasn’t the guy who took Rodgers 1.1 or took a kicker in the 8th round.