I need some good managers for Keeper League

I’m looking for serious managers willing to commit for years to come for my brand new Keeper league. Details below:

Keep On Keepin’ On

League fee is $20

Payout will be:

1st: $130

2nd: $70

3rd: $25

4th/misc: $15

-Managers can keep 0, 1, 2, or 3 players.

-If you keep at least one player, you designate 1 player as your “Franchise Player”, who you are able to keep for sure. Any other players you would like to keep are put into a lottery and one player will be randomly chosen to not be kept and thrown back into the player pool for everyone to be able to draft. Your Franchise Player can be the only player with their position from you keepers.


I want to keep Dan Marino, Randy Moss, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders because they are already on my team for the season we just finished. I want to ensure I keep Marino so I designate him my Franchise Player. He will be kept on my team 100%, but I still need to pay the price to keep him (explanation on cost coming later). So Moss, Sanders, and Payton go into my lottery and randomly 2 players (for example sake let’s say Sanders and Moss) get selected and stay on my team as keepers. I must still pay the cost to keep them and Walter Payton was left out so he is put back into the pool of players that may be drafted by the other teams during the draft.

-To keep a player on your team going into the next season, they cost you the round that they were drafted in. (You draft Adam Vinateri in the 5th round this year, you can keep him next year by forfeiting your 5th round draft pick)

-The cost of a kept player raises up a round for the second year that you keep them. (So if you kept Vinateri for a 5th round one year, and choose to keep him the following year, he would cost you a 4th round pick). If you keep said player for a 3rd year, the draft round price raises again.

-Once a player has a 1st round draft pick price, it stays there. You may still keep them as long as you want as long as you can pay the price.

-You must have the round that you need to pay for a potential kept player. If you do not have a draft pick for that round, you may pay a higher draft pick to substitute. If another manager acquires that player, they would not have to move up another round.

-If you have two players drafted in the same round that you would like to keep, you could either acquire another draft pick via trade or you could pay a higher round draft pick.

-Even if a player is dropped and picked up by another manager, if they choose to keep said player they still cost the draft round they were taken in.

-If a player was not drafted at all, is picked up and is wanted to be kept the following year, the draft round price is a 9th round pick.

-We use a Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) system. Players on waivers may be bid on by any manager, with their $100 in imaginary budget that each manager starts with at the beginning of each season.

-Managers may trade players, future draft picks, and FAAB money to any other manager. All trades are approved immediately by Commissioner unless there is provable collusion between 2 managers. Trading can start right away, even before the first season starts! You may trade draft picks to other teams right off the bat, even without players on your team.

-Managers will have control of their players and free to trade when registration opens up in June.

-Managers must claim who they are deciding to keep by August 1st of the upcoming season.

-Draft order each year is determined by a lottery. The amount of chances will be determined by your finish. (12th place receives 12 chances, 11th receives 11, and so on until 1st place gets 1 chance). Draft will be a snake draft.

-We are a Point Per Reception (PPR) league. This simply means a player gets a point each catch they receive in a game.

-Our rosters consist of:


2 RB

3 WR


WR/RB/TE flex

WR/RB/TE flex


Team Defense

6 bench spots

IR (Injured Reserve)

-The IR spot is important to Keeper Leagues. This spot is only able to be occupied by players who are on IR or he PUP list in the actual NFL. It is handy in case your main player blows out his ACL, you can stash him on your bench while they heal.

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Hey I’m in for this! Love the name. My username is TheHitmanJosh here and in Sleeper.

Keep on Keepin’ On

I really want this keeper league to be ongoing for years. I would like to achieve these things with getting new managers:

-Mandatory online draft will be Monday, August 24th at 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time

-commit to play in a keeper which means it is something you will be doing for years to come. Finding people to pick up a keeper team that has been dropped is hard. I tried to fill a keeper with people I knew but did not require real serious players. The league fizzled out. I want this league to stay.

-be active and know your stuff! Nobody wants to play in a league with some managers that don’t know anything. I expect weekly moves, talk, your lineup to be set, and trades. The more active the better!

-I use Yahoo for the keeper league, so you have to have a username on that platform.

-as far as money goes, I do not like leaguesafe, so I will accept payment through PayPal or Cash app… hold money for the season, and award it at the end. It is a $20 buy in. I know that takes you trusting that I am not going to take the money and run, but I am trusting that you’re going to be a good manager! Check my yahoo profile. I have been a fantasy football manager for years and a commissioner for the same amount. I currently run a redraft that is in it’s 15th year. Run any questions by me.

-with me opening it up to people I don’t know, I want everyone to get to know each other and become a close knit group. I think it will be cool to have people from all over the country (or even outside the US). There will be an expectation that you share your contact information with the group. I want people to be open to telling about themselves, where they are from, their interests and all that. There will most likely be a group text as well.

-I want a fun league where people talk! Addressing your team needs is not enough. I want some smack talk, some banter, and all in all good fun. We can give each other a hard time but still be appropriate. I don’t expect you to be a nun but I’m sure we can keep things clean. Not saying you won’t be able to curse or anything I’m pretty much saying there is an art to talking smack. Sure you have to have a backbone, but don’t be a douchebag.

-There are already 5 or maybe 6 in the league now. We are all from Indianapolis, IN. I’m looking for a twelve person league. Don’t worry we won’t work together against you guys…I barely like this guys anyway!

That was a lot to read. It may have been your first test as well. If this was too much for you or something that doesn’t interest you, that’s ok. If all this seems weird and too much, this league is not for you. If all of this sounds fun, awesome!

Send me an email at oneofthedoors@yahoo.com

Tell me a little about yourself and why you want to be in the league.


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Haha I just noticed your comment about how you barely like your Indy guys. I was just up there for a road trip in May and I have a friend that lives up in Indy. She went to Purdue like Drew Brees so we talk about Indiana like every week.

Got an Indy joke for yah :wink: What does COLTS stand for?

Count. On. Losing. The. Superbowl.

Hahaha I’m sorry, but it’s funny how my childhood team’s only ring is against Indianapolis in Super Bowl 44. Looking forward to the repeat a decade later in 2020. I think yall’s defense is going to eat most teams alive, but Philip Rivers knows how to throw a good 2-3 picks in crunch time to shootout a game the wrong way cowboy style. Fingers crossed Drew doesn’t fumble away our playoffs again like last year and we should be in it to win it… we’ll see!

League is full! I appreciate all the time and will let you know if someone is unable to draft or be in the league

Thanks again!


Yall have fun. Would have been nice to have a multi-state league. I’ll keep the idea in mind.