I need some help on this trade!

so I have people saying don’t do it I have people saying do it and I also have people saying its an even trade and theres no point in doing it. this is my resort.

I give up Aaron Jones who with the timeshare scares rest of season and Emanuel Sanders.

I get Todd Gurley who also scares me cause he is not the same dominant player that he’s been and Tyler Lockett.

Theres an argument to both sides if Jamal gets hurt jones is a top 10 back then. But if Todd Gurley gets in a grove he could be a league winner. Any things helps!!!

Whats the format here? Also key for me, do you have Malcom Brown at the moment?

If you don’t have Brown or can’t pick him up I wouldn’t do this personally. The risk and performances of Gurley to start the year put me off, I was looking at a very similar trade myself after this week I said he can keep Gurley unless the price goes way down.

I do have Brown though…

he has brown and i would get him in the deal

Thats better. I don’t hate this, Jones is a very frustrating own (I have him too) to start the year. You’d virtually lock up that LA backfield which has to get going. Plus an upgrade at WR.

If you have a solid set of core players RB1, WR1 and 2 to help carry you if Gurley puts up single digit weeks then go for it. You need to keep him in every week so it’s roster construction at this point IMO

My other running backs are Jacobs and Lindsay so not super great.

My other receivers are adams, Dj Moore, Marvin jones and Alshon

Solid set of WRs, Lockett fits in well with Adams (elite) and DJ (reception guy) Lockett gives you a high ceiling guy to flex or start.

RBs, what else does your trade partner have, whats their RB and WR core? Would they let you keep Jones and move Jacobs or Lindsey at all for Gurley, Brown and Lockett?

I would do this trade. I think Jones & Gurley have the same type of risks in their workload. And I would rather have Lockett than Sanders ROS.

Also, Rams backfield pro tip: don’t expect Malcom Brown to become some sort of bellcow if Gurley goes down with an injury. I would expect that to turn into a committee with him leading the way.

his other only back is Ekeler and i view him as a rental. his other top WR is Julio I’ve tried with jacobs and he said no but has shown interest in jones.

Yeah not much else to be done there. I’d probably pull the trigger to be honest.

As @steve_freitas points out - I agree on Brown, his real value to me is hold and in the event of a Gurley injury set back you trade him. You trade him on the unknown and price him as the guy who will be getting all the work, just less of a talent. if you can’t get that then you just roll him out and see what you have.

There are more than enough players out there who will overvalue the unknown or just want the new toy.

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I’m waiting first i sent out a trade jones and one of my WRs for fournette cause he gets a full workload. was also thinking of doing the same for the Mack owner. are those 2 good options if this fails.

I think I’d prefer Jones over Fournette and Mack you could probably get straight up. There seems to be more security over Mack’s workload and the Colts having one of the best lines in the game helps a lot. If you want a locked in RB2 and volume guy I dont hate getting Mack in.

I wouldn’t do more than Jones straight up though for either, you need to trade Jones on the ‘he plays with Rodgers and they’ve had a tough opening 3 weeks’ card. Don’t overpay.

really you prefer jones over these guys that get 16+ touches game and have a full workload and somewhat involved in the passing game. green bays coached said he was evening touches and he sure did which scares me a lot.

Fournette would have been -3 yards for the day until he ran for 69 on one lucky play. He’s getting volume yes but is extremely inefficient with it. I think season long Jones will be better, Mack over the next two weeks (Oakland and KC) would be a far better target, he is safer but doesn’t have the upside Jones has IMO.

He would be a good get though, he could have 2 stellar weeks and then be a big sell high guy into the bye if you wanted or could get serious value back. People get desperate for RBs.

yeah i understand with fournette but its gotta start opening up for him considering minshew is no scrub and can throw the ball teams can’t just stack the box and well probably see a change sooner than later

Maybe so, I’d still rather have Jones and Mack but it isn’t miles apart more personal preference