I need some help!

I can either do one of two trades: Non-PPR

I give: Dak
I get: Sony Michel

I give: Dak
I get: Drew Brees

My team:

QB: Dak / Stafford
RB: Barkley / Chubb / Fournette / Gordon / Edmonds / Gallman
WR: Kupp / Lockett / Samuel / Djax
TE: Waller

Stafford would be starter in Trade 1 and depth in Trade 2.

dont think I would take the first trade since you have plenty of depth at RB. only thought would be to take that and then flip one of your RBs into a WR

Yeah I don’t really need Sony. But do you think I should snag Brees then and do trade 2? I like Dak and all but Brees is, well he is Brees.

If you like Brees more than Dak then fire away. Dont know much about their ROS schedules but I think I would base it off that. Maybe see if you can set up a second trade for a RB and take the first one.

Heck no man, don’t you trade Dak for Brees. That’s essentially at minimum a bad trade, or lateral, but definitely, not a substantial increase in value at the QB position. Dak is a rushing QB, which is better in fantasy. Keep him. Honestly, you don’t need either trade. I would decline both.

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