I need some trade help

What do you guys think about this trade that was proposed? Full PPR, 2 wr, 2 rb, rb/wr/te flex

Give: Jay Ajayi, Diggs
Get: Gronk, Pryer

My team
QB: Wilson, Wentz
RB: Bell, Ajayi, Hunt, Anderson, DJ
WR: D. Thomas, M. Thomas, Diggs, T. Williams, Maclin
TE: Clay

Do it. Even doe this trade is Ajayi and Diggs for Gronk… until Pyror shows some sign of life

Actually… IDK you have Clay who is a very solid and reliable TE. However, Gronk is a monster so I would still do this trade. Keep Clay so if something happens to gronk you have a good backup

It’s tough because I like Diggs a lot but as you said, Gronk is a monster. I like the fact i get to keep Clay, that way I’m still fine if Gronk gets injured.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

You definitely dont need gronk that much. The difference between diggs and Pryor is bigger than the difference between gronk and Clay, you would probably lose points in the long run with this one. And You have the depth that you can afford to let ajayi ride the bench till he gets better, id wait till ajayi goes off then shop him when his value is up.