I Need Start/Sit Help!

I need to start 3 from this list. PPR league

Diontae Johnson
C. Samuel
M. Pittman


Johnson is a definite start. He is the target leader for Big Ben. Plus they play JAX.

Pittman is another you should look at. He is increasing the trust with P. River and has had 15 targets the last 2 weeks.

The final spot I slightly lean Claypool due to the fact of the better match up.

MVS may take a hit if Lazard comes back. Samuel may suffer if Teddy B. is out.

Agreed with this but I definitely think you should go with Claypool over MVS. I think it’s safer to follow the targets and Claypool has averaged 10+ over the last 3 games. Meanwhile MVS has had 1, 4 and 6. Obviously MVS always has the chance of taking 1 or 2 deep balls to the house.

If I were to start MVS it’d be over Pittman

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I agree that MVS can take some bombs to the house, however if Lazard is back, MVS’ fantasy value drops, imho.

Pittman is becoming the top target for P. River and the only WR on IND that is doing anything of value.

Overall, I do agree with you.

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