I need the best FFB owner ever for a dynasty league

The good… 12 team Auction league with $100 FAAB money fro the season. The league pays $100 for the winner and $50 to runner up and your buy-in is waived this year, You get a sweet championship ring if you win, a facebook page for networking trades and such, a great league manager (me), and if you can take this team somewhere you will know that you are the greatest FFB owner there is. Buy in will be $55 next year and prize money will be different next year as in more money

The bad:
This is your team

As you can see we use IDP 2 LB, 2 DT, 2 CB
.5 PPR

WOW. Ok. I may be interested but I have a couple questions. How many teams are in this league? How do waivers work?

It is all FAAB… I should have mentioned that. Waivers clear every morning. You get $100 for the season. There is a consolation winner that gets $30 faab next season.

12 team league. Waivers aren’t as bare as you think still some good options.

Wow ok. It’ll be a challenge but I’m up for it! It’s on ESPN I presume?

Yes, espn. I wanna move it to Sleeper but that might take a year to convince everyone. Send me your email and Facebook info so I can add you to the page

Still available?

Just filled it