I need to cut 3

I need to cut 3 bench players in my PPR dynasty league, who should it be?


Ballage, Samuels, Kumerow


I Agree with mikemeupp.

I actually like kumerow for dynasty but i dont see anyone i would drop before him.

Ballage - Samuels - Kumerow

What about cutting Dalton?
I have Mahomes & Mariota.

I would say keep either Kumerow or Ballage if you are going to do that.

Probably don’t need to roster three QBs and I would keep the younger two.

I’m going back and forth here, I would maybe keep Ballage in this scenario. He hasn’t had a lot of good reports but if Drake goes down, Gore can’t manage it all. Kumerow has looked good(I’m a packers fan) but with Allison and others there, it could just be another Janis situation, not bad but never really going to get any run.

And the Packers are shopping Cobb.