Need to drop 1. PPR. this is just for depth

Crowder, Ruggs, Chris Thompson

and who will the RAIDERS WR1 be? Edwards or Ruggs?

What’s rest of your team look like? Is this redraft, keeper or dynasty?

Redraft full PPR

RB: Chubb, Gurley, swift, kerryon, Dobbins, C,thompson
WR: d.adams, CHark, Fuller, crowder, ruggs

(Cant decide on RUggs or edwards who will be the raiders consistent wr1

thanks in advance

I can’t tell you who’s going to be WR1 there as there’s too many new faces to be able to determine it, but i really like Edwards with the news that he’s going to be starting in the slot. From weeks 8-16 last year, Renfrow was averaging 6 and 1/2 targets a game which is not too shabby at all in the slot. Due to there lack of WR depth last year, i can’t say if having Ruggs on the outside will get more targets than that when Carr isn’t a deep ball kind of guy. I think for redraft i’d keep Edwards for the floor, Ruggs for the ceiling.

I’d drop Riggs then if you have to drop one guy. Rb depth is more important and in full PPR I’d rather have the rookie who will get more targets playing in the slot since Carr doesn’t go deep often but loves his short passes (Rbs, Renfrow and the Wallerus last year). If this was dynasty maybe different answer but in redraft I try to go with more consistent play

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**Ruggs not Riggs lol damn auto type

where you hear this. Ive read that Edwards will play the X what tyrell williams played. and ruggs would be in the slot.

Yeap, you’re right, just double checked my sleeper app and got them mixed up. It is ruggs starting in the slot. Double down on what i said then, Ruggs will be the better choice due to Carr likes using the slot-guy and can’t throw too much downfield

Yea i agree with the whole CARR checkdown king situation, but last year when t.williams was healthy, he was the raiders WR1. Carr tends to like the Big bodied WRs. THats why i am confused who to pick up between the 2 since edwards will be the full time starter (i assume) in that role

Hmm not sure why I got that confused but most recent news does have Edwards as the X. Could’ve sworn I’d heard it was the other way around but what I’m reading today seems like Ruggs will be in the slot :man_shrugging:. I think it’s bit of a crap shot but whoever is in the slot I think will be the guy to own