I need to keep 2

Devante Adams ($37)

Aaron Jones ($25)

Tyler Boyd ($10)

I feel like I need to keep Devante but everyone has told me Boyd over Jones. Just having a hard time passing on Jones.

Tough call!

They’re picking Boyd because AJ is out…and probably also because you’ve got two Packers and they can’t both have the ball at the same time. Then there’s also the price.

But still…I take the known talents on the good offense every time.

thanks the only thing that scares me from boyd this year is Tyler Efiert is back and healthy. so when AJ, Boyd and Efiert are on the field who’s going to take the target cut ?

Don’t forget Mixon as a part of that target share.

I happen to think that AJ is basically toast. He’ll take longer to come back than they want, and when he comes back he wont’ be the same. Or if he does look sharp, he’ll re-aggravate the injury.

This means it’s Boyd’s show. And the Bengals have to prepare as if that’s what’s going to happen; they can’t count on AJ coming back and being the AJ we all know and love. It aint 2013 anymore.

HOWEVER, what’s that show gonna look like? That offense has taken a hit at left tackle, and it’s a new install…I just don’t think it’s going to be very good. They say a rising tide lifts all boats. I think this is an ebbing tide, and it’s going to sink all boats.

Like I said, even though Jones and Davante are on the same team, they’re known talents on a better offense. I stick with them.