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I Need to stream a TE


I snag C. Clay for cheap but now with him out, I need a TE. I am looking at Tyler Higbee and George Kittle to stream this week. Who would you all choose?


Kittle is the better choice but has a chest injury. Still expected to play.

If your wire has asj or miller , they are also good options.


I was in the same predicament only between Hooper and Miller- picked them both up from waivers. Trubisky targeting Miller a fair amount last week put him on my radar so if you can pick him up from waivers I would…

If not I’d definitely go Kittle over Higbee- If you can spare some risk for a high reward I have a feeling Kittle will continue the hot hand… and Higbee had a few great catches last week showing he’s capable of managing volume but overall he’s competing with Everett and his upside isn’t as high as Kittle- just my opinion… this is my first year to play fantasy so don’t put too much clout in my words haha happy fantasying to ya


Another interesting name to throw into the mix… Njoku. He has been used a little more and has a QB that like the TE, plus they play the Texans who could get a big lead early… major garbage points.


Of those two Kittle for sure. I agree with the others who mentioned ASJ, Miller, and Njoku as possibles too. And if Ryan Griffin is available I like him this week too since he gets the Browns. I would rank them as ASJ, Griffin, Kittle, Miller, Njoku this week.