I need to vent

So it’s week 7 and as I’m sure some of you are aware that there are people in leagues who are basically out of the running for a championship. In one league of mine we have a manager who is 0-6. Normally I would have pity on him but now after this morning I have run out. Why do you ask? Because he just made a ridiculous trade with his best buddy (who is the commissioner) and traded away LeSean McCoy and Mike Evans for Dez Bryant, Alvin Kamara, Chris Thompson, and Andre Ellington! What the actually F$%#?? That brings the guy who received Mike and Lesean to Stafford, AJ Green, Mike Evans, Demaryius, Todd Gurley, McCoy, and Gronk as his lineup. Does anybody here agree that this trade shouldn’t happen?? Normally I don’t get bothered by trades but this is a huge money league and it just seems completely off.

That is rough. You should find another league lol

I’m guessing there is no league voting on trades? That should be required on a big money league. If only the commissioner has the power to veto and the commissioner has money on the line, then there’s no checks or balances for the power of the commissioner and is thus unjust.
(Said in my best Lawyer voice)

There is a vote but on this yahoo site it just says to protest the trade. You bet that’s exactly what I did.

Yeah, I’d get all the other league members in to protest. I don’t agree with vetoing trades for the most part, but this is particularly one sided.

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Mind you, the guy who received Evans and McCoy is already 5-1. (only loss to me :])

You should make your case to all of your fellow league members in a calm manner. Try not to come across as angry, but instead concerned. Explain to each and/or all of them why you think that this constitutes collusion. If you don’t reach out to them, there’s a chance that they won’t see the trade or even know that they have the ability to protest it. You are the hero your league needs. Save the day and ruin your commissioner’s plot. The best of luck to you!

Ya or ask for your $20 back!

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UPDATE Got the trade vetoed. I’m sure my league mates got annoyed of my ranting but hopefully they’ll thank me when it’s all said and done.