I need to win out. I need help BADLY

This season is ridiculous. First of all, I haven’t been able to get production out of the QB position since Dak went out. I’ve tried Big Ben vs Atl, Wentz vs. Dal, Goff vs Sea, etc. You know, those “can’t miss” matchups that should, by all logic, be resulting in 25-30 point weeks for those QBs. Well…NOT WHEN THEY’RE IN MY LINEUP. I did pick up Matt Ryan off waivers before his bye, so…MAYBE he continues to do well? The rule has been that he plays well as long as he has Julio. Of course, that rule probably won’t apply anymore…because he’s on my roster. So, I’m sure he’ll throw for 100 yards, 0 TDs, and 4 INTs against the Saints this week.

Then, on top of that, I play someone this past week who seriously just has no business whatsoever beating me, but he does…with Kalen Ballage as his RB1, who matched my best RB. BTW, I played J Robinson and Miles Sanders this week…but…you know…matchups, talent, and common sense don’t matter this season. Obviously, Ballage was the far superior play and I’m sure everyone expected him to do better than Miles Sanders… I’m so stupid for thinking Robinson and Sanders, both against garbage run defenses, would be good fantasy plays this week. If I’d have been smart and played Jakeem Grant and Ballage, like my opponent, I’m sure I’d be undefeated.

Okay I’m done bitching for now…until the bull shit magic happens to me again this week, which I’m sure it will, even though I’m fielding the superior team…just like I have every week (serously, I’ve had the better projected team every single week this year and I’m 4-6). I’m sure I’ll be ranting again next week after my opponent gets 50+ points from some practice squad player and knocks me out of playoff contention for good.

My league is a 10-team, full PPR, double flex.

So here’s my current roster. I need help deciding who to start and who to potentially trade away and who to trade for.

Matt Ryan @NO
Jared Goff @TB

James Robinson vs PIT
Miles Sanders @CLE
Kenyan Drake @SEA
Duke Johnson vs NE
Alexander Mattison vs DAL
David Johnson (IR)
Austin Ekeler (IR)

Kenny Golladay @CAR
DJ Moore vs DET
Diontae Johnson @JAX
Robert Woods @TB
Corey Davis @BAL
Jakobi Meyers @HOU

Noah Fant vs MIA

Help me out Footclan. I can probably make some trades. Who should I start, trade away, and trade for?

Luck is a huge factor in fantasy unfortunately. this week, would play, assuming you have a standard 2RB 2WR 1 Flex

CEH(although, pay attention to the covid situation on their offensive line might have to pivot to Drake)

As far as trades, I would contact the Cook owner and give him Mattison and another position player for an upgrade over that position player.

Yes and luck has been against me literally every week since Dak went down.

It’s a full PPR double flex. I’ll add that to the original post.

I’ve tried to trade for Cook but the owner won’t budge. I’ve tried everything to get him. I can maybe try again since he had a “down week.” I’ve also considered going for Henry, although his owner never seems to want to trade.

Would you trust Drake over Duke Johnson this week? Duke screwed me this past weekend…

maybe target ekeler or Carson or mostert guys who havent played in a while where you might get them cheaper

I have Ekeler already. Someone dropped him and I spent all my remaining FAAB on him. Just waiting for him to return.

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sorry totally missed that.but id be willing to pair any 2 of your rbs to get a good upgrade

Duke will screw you again. New England has improved on the run now that they have DTs who can play their nose position.(Im a New England fan btw) In that case I would play Drake and CEH and pivot from CEH to Woods if the O-line situation in KC stays the same(I think 2 or 3 starters are on COVID list)

The only way you could get Henry or Cook would be to trade them Robinson and Sanders, and that would be if they have just Cook or just Henry, and nothing else. Sanders just got back from injury and played GREAT, the TD situation was annoying(fellow Sanders owner) but the fact they gave Sanders 77% of the snaps in his first game back means it will only go up from here. Id take Mattison and one of CEH/Drake to the Cook owner for an upgrade over CEH/Drake or trade CEH and Drake for someone like JD McKissic or Deandre Swift