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I NEED TRADE HELP... Am I insane or am I an EVIL Genius?


12 team 2x QB half point PPR…

My team
QB= C.Palmer, M.Mariota, S.Kizer
RB= M.Gordon, T.Gurley, T.Montgomery, D.Martin, D.Johnson
WR= M.Evans, T.Pryor, P.Garcon, S.Diggs,
TE= E.Ebron, H.Henry

His Team
QB= K.Cousins, T.Siemian, A.Luck
RB= D.Murray, D.Freeman, C.Hyde, M.Ingram, L.Murray
WR= A.Jeffery, D.Hopkins, R.Matthews, K.White
TE= Z.Ertz, J.Doyle

He is offering ANY of his RBs for trade… He’s looking for QBs or WRs (preferably in a combo deal) So i’m considering offering him
Mariota + Diggs for Freeman + Siemian… After that I figure later in the season I can trade one of my other RBs for a mid tier QB

What do you think… I feel like QB is a position that wont hurt to much if I have 2 RBS like Gordon and Freeman…

Any other trade suggestions would be helpful… thnx so much Footclan you guys are freakin awesome




I like Freeman or Demarco Murray on his team. I really dont like Gurley, i do not buy in on the bounce back. if you can turn garcon (that qb situation) and mariota (huge potential) into freeman (gameday winner) and who ever else, you are probably good. What qb’s are on the waiver wire? I dont like siemians. Kizer has potential but hes a rookie so im not not a fan of him being the only back up yet.


My personal feelings:

Try to keep S. Diggs. Use Mariotta’s value to move Garcon instead. Also add one of your TE and see if he would do a 2 for 3.

On your side: Mariota, Garcon, TE
On his side: Freeman, Ertz

That’s a money trade if you can take it. Then stream 2nd QB spot.


The waiver wire is Bare for QBs right now cause most teams have 3 QBs thats the only reason I want to take Siemian back in the trade, It wont leave me needing … but that will change during the season in my opinion someone will drop a QB or I can trade some of my RB depth for someone… But my Main question is will this be a good move? or am I just being a homer about trying to get Freeman? Or Murray


freeman or murray would be a good addition to your team. I dont particularly care for seimians, he may be replaced by osweiler at some point


Or I can just leave my team the way it is… Guys like Freeman dont come up for trade very often thats why I wanna jump
on it lol


Trade Palmer and pryor or garcon for luck and freeman


Hes offering me Evans for Freeman straight up … should i take it?


I wouldn’t give him Evans. You don’t need an RB upgrade that bad.

How about Garcon for Ingram?


You are stacked at rb, why are you trying to force this move? Yeah Freeman is great, but you are cannibalizing yourself at the qb position to do so and you are killing your wr depth.

12 team 2qb means there is less than zero at the position left on the wire. Palmer is a good start of season play but his schedule will dry up, and you will find yourself with 3 borderline qb2/3s and some great rb talent rotting on the bench because you’ll have more talent than roster spots. You need Mariota to make this team viable. Pump the brakes.


That trade is a steal.