I need trading advice

RB-Ingram, Montgomery, Morris, Smith, Perine
I need to get rid of a freaking TE and pair it with a RB and I’m trying to get a solid WR but for some reason no one will bite. Should I just cut loses and run with Doyle at the flex or flip him for Olson (Zeke owner has him)? Or try for Doyle and Perine for Hogan? I’m so lost on what to do!!

Also, I’ve been trying to trade Doyle and Dallas RBs for Crabtree or Golden Tate. The guy doesn’t have any good RB’s anymore (RIP Chris Thompson) but he won’t respond!

Your team looks good overall. If it’s PPR and Thomas is Michael Thomas, then I actually like your WRs.

I think you could do far worse than rolling Doyle in your Flex, especially if Perine can become a good RB2. BUT, if you want to and are able to upgrade at RB, you could try and sell high on Graham and get a decent RB2 or WR straight up, roll with Doyle at TE and Perine at Flex.

It is PPR and it is Michael Thomas. It’s so hard to sell Graham since he just keeps getting 5 redzone targets a game. Dont think that will continue?

Yes I think it continues. And yes it would be hard to give him up but I do believe Doyle gives you good PPR upside. And if you are able to get something decent at RB in return for Graham then you would have all your positions locked down.

Alternative you could try packaging Doyle and one or you RBs to a TE-desperate team but I doubt Doyle has much trade value.

Thing is, I’m fairly content rolling out Doyle as the Flex. Just stressing hard during the deadline period to make a push for someone.