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I need wr2 and 3 help


I have cooper in at 1, martavieus bryant at 2, and Thielen in at three. I also have Diggs. I was thinking about putting Diggs in instead of bryant, in a standard scoring league. Any input would help.


I would do the same …diggs over Bryant …diggs is the 1 in Minnesota where Bryant clearly isn’t …Bryant will get better as the year goes I believe but for now, I’d go diggs


Forgot to mention that Bradford is my qb. I’m just afraid to have both his favorite tags in the same line up.


Hey man,

Yeah I have to agree with Histine1017. I own both Bryant and Diggs and feel like Diggs will be the safer option. I’d say if you need a floor, go Diggs. If you’re stacked with QB, RB and a solid TE, I would go Diggs and Bryant


I’d go diggs over Bryant as well. Or maybe trade away diggs for an rb or te?


No Cook so they have to pass. I don’t much care for Bryant but they are at home and 3. TDs will be scored. I personally think it will be AB having the big day.


i dont know i might do diggs over cooper with how much he has been dropping the ball and the possibility of crabtree coming back.

help with mine, please…