I need your prayers footclan!

I’m down 41pts and have Aaron Jones and Mike Boone left tomorrow.

I also have Thielen…would anyone play him instead of either of the two RBs?

Im down 19 with Adams and Boone against Jones, so i will root for 41 from Boone and 0 for Jones for you to win too :rofl:

And no i think maybe if it was full PPR i might consider thielen but lean the two RBs

Dear God,
Please let this man and all of us who have Mike Boone receive 30 or more points like devonta freeman and Christian Mccaffrey, especially in a full ppr leaugue.

Hope this works

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Thank you kind sir for those beautiful words :smile:

Yes it’s a Full PPR format. But I still lean with Boone only cuz of Thielens hammy.

May Boone bring us all a bountiful amount of points tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

let me know if you got the win bc boone did not help me