I now hold the Tampa Offense

After trade and waivers, I now have Rojo, Mike Evans, AB and Gronk. I do not know whether I should trade one away this week or if I should hold and hope they all go off against Atlanta so I can sell high on one or two.

The rest of the roster is:
Najee, Gaskin, Edmonds, Rojo
Evans, AB, Ceedee, Davante Adams, Davante Parker, Shenault
Jonnnu Smith, Gronk

Any advice at all would be amazing, cheers

I think there will be weeks you’re pretty excited to play multiple parts of bucs offense. This week quite possibly is one.

I wouldn’t normally load up on one team like that, but you’re not really reliant on any of them. You’re pretty much picking between Evans and AB. Gronk as a matchup selection and Jones for excellent matchup or bye week.

I think you can consider offers but as I said previously you’re not relying on them right now so you can see how it plays out a bit.

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Wait for Mike Evans to have a blowup game (likely within the next week or two based on last week’s usage) and move him after that.

From there, I’d be willing to sell him at 85¢ on the dollar to add some RB depth for your squad. You’re A-OK at WR without him.

Yeah, loving the WR room currently. Hopefully he goes for 70 and 2 TD’s this week or something.